Sunday, August 20, 2006

Could This Be True?

Just talking so far, but you know me ... it's never too early to start thinking and counting down to the next adventure.

So with that in mind, I am adding a countdown ticker for our next Disneyland Adventure. Looks like it may happen during Spring Break 2006 so it is really right around the corner. March 26th, 2007 here we come, now if we can just get past Winter and Christmas and New Years and .... oh well, it still seems right around the corner.

Ta Da .... Here it is!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just Do It!

I plan alot. Probably way too much it seems to create some excitement and help make whatever I am planning come around just a bit faster. As soon as I have something penciled in, a vacation or show or whatever, I make a countdown clock and start my planning.

I read in Outside magazine the other day this little bit of wisdom.

"If you wait until you have everything ready, every detail dialed, every piece of worst-case-scenario gear squared away, you'll never leave. Instead, learn to master the elusive art that makes adventure possible: the ill-planned, under-financed departure..."

It caused me to recall the early days of our marriage and dating when we would just jump in the old VW and off we would go. Disneyland on a shoestring, no problem. Even if the tires were flat on the car because they were so bald the day after a trip, we still went out and did and had a ball doing it.

Lord help me to be spontaneous and willing to try new things at a moments notice. To not become as those that have become set in their ways with no room for adventure. Amen...

Peace to you and Love,


Monday, July 17, 2006

A Hike ....

I needed some time to un-wind and just be. So on Thursday July 13th I took a walk. I journeyed to the Mount Rose Wilderness at @ 9000' to collect my thoughts and get a little fresh air.

It is always amazing how good you feel after you take a walk in all the beauty that nature has to offer. It makes you happy to see the critters and get away from the pavement and work and, well the list could go on. If you want to get away from the World for a few minutes, check out our pictures from the hike or just get up, get out and take a walk yourself. If you live in Northern Nevada you probably could use a few minutes away from the cars and sprawl to catch your breath. Our pictures from the hike are on our Flickr page here.

More Later...


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Our Disneyuland Rose

When we returned to the little house in the valley, we were happy to find that our Disneyland Rose had bloomed. Of course we were also happy that the rabbitts had not devoured it yet too!

Here it is in all it's glory for to ooh and aah over...

Have a wonderful day!

Don & Brenda

Finally, Our Disneyland Video!

I finally got around to editing some video from our vacation to Disneyland to share. We had an amazing time and wish we could have taken all of you with us ...... um ..... strike that, back up. We had an amazing time.

Our Disneyland Adventure 2006 on Vimeo

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Adventure Ends .. The Ride Home

Well here we are at home again. Back in Reno at Casa Tucker un-winding and I think all of us are playing movies of this trip from our memory over and over in our heads.

I learned a lot and hopefully did not ruffle too many feathers. I have never had much experience working with young people and I learned from them more than they know during this little one week adventure.

The ride home was as expected longer than the trip down even though the time and distance was the same. Have you ever noticed that it seems to take forever coming home from a trip and going takes no time at all? It also seems that it is easier getting your body in gear when planning and leaving for a trip/adventure. When coming home we all struggled to get going.

So we all said goodbye to Disneyland for a while, maybe we will be able to return next year ... maybe it will be a while. You never know how those things are going to go. The trip home was smooth and we made good time arriving at about 9:00 pm full of stories to share with Bonnie and Severin and ready for nice nights sleep in our own bed.

Looking back it seems that we are so caught up in the daily grind that we neglect times and adventures like these for the grown up things and daily responsibilities of this world. Then before you know it ... you are old and the wonders of this life we are given are gone, and we are left to grow old quietly. I have learned from this trip to enjoy the company of others (even those that I don't know) and to enjoy each day like it is your last... because you never know when your last day is.

I thank those that shared this amazing adventure and am looking forward to the next great Tucker Family (and friends) Adventure.

As always there are plenty of pictures to share with you on the Flickr Page. Just look for the box on the side of this page. Talk to you all real soon!

Love From,

Don, Brenda, Rusty, PeeWee, Will & Terra oh yes ... and Ashley!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our Disneyland Adventure Day 3

I can't believe we have one more day to enjoy Disneyland!

We are having so much fun on this adventure, but it seems we are running out of gas (not just the older folks, but the kids as well). Today takes us back to Disneyland for all the things we missed and to go again on the rides we loved.

Again we took the puppies to the Casa Puppy at Disneyland Kennels and got them situated. I guess they are okay with it. Sometimes I wish I could read thier minds so I could know if they are happy of if they think we treat them awfully. Heck most of the time I wish I had that ability to check out what humans are thinking about me.

Into the park early and we jumped right in with both feet hitting everything we wanted to do before lunch. Our food adventure today was off to The Rainforest Cafe for another celebration in honor of Ashley. It was a bunch of fun and the food was good, but we are thinking this might be the last time we go there. Everyone seemed rushed and not as polite as we remembered, so maybe next trip we will find somewhere else to explore and experience.

Next we were going to go right back into Disneyland for some ride cramming but realized we were running low on energy so we returned for our mid afternoon ciesta at the Hotel. zzzzzzzzzz!!

Back at Disneyland we shopped a bit and walked alot and rode some more rides before getting great seats for the Fantasmic show. It was amazing as expected and we totally enjoyed just resting and hanging out before the show. The kids got a bit restless waiting so they ventured off and took in The Haunted Mansion again.

After Fantasmic we wanted to take in one more ride that would stay with us in our memories as the perfect cap to a wonderful trip. We decided on It's a Small World! It was a great end to a perfect night and amazing adventure.

Shopping until the stores closed and then pick up the puppies and back to the Hotel.

Can it be that this adventure is just about over? Now to get a few hours of sleep before heading back to Reno and all that awaits us in the normal world.

G' Night!

Don, Brenda, Rusty, PeeWee, Will, Terra and Ashley

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our Disneyland Adventure Day 2

Our second day at Disneyland was going to be a jam packed one. It started just as the other days would, up early and off to get a jump on the others visiting on this day.

We checked Rusty & PeeWee in to the Doggy Hotel and got them settled in. The service at the Disneyland Kennel is outstanding and the accomodations are nice so we did not feel too bad leaving them for a few hours.

Because Disney's California Adventure did not open until 10:00 am we decided to check back into Disneyland for a couple of hours of rides there before going to the sister park. Again the park seemed pretty quiet so we were able to get on most rides without much wait time.

At 10:30 am we were off to Goofy's Kitchen for a Birthday celebration in honor of Ashley. We dined with Goofy, The Mad Hatter and Pricess Jasmine and had a wonderful Birthday cake at out table. Good food and good friends at Disneyland, what more could you ask for?

Filled up and re-charged, we were now off to Disney's California Adventure (DCA) for a full day of fun there. First off it was Grizzly River Rapids and a good soaking there. We all really enjoyed this ride and had wanted to get on it again but never got to it. Off next to California Screamin' a great roller coaster and a wild ride. Again the wait time was not bad at all and in just minutes we were screamin' with the rest of the riders. Brenda is not really fond of the coasters and tends to get a little turned around on them, so she filmed us taking off and laughed at us a bunch.

We all watched and loved the Alladin show at DCA's Hyperion Theatre and then off for our mid-day rest at the hotel. I think we all managed to catch some zzz's and catch our breath before heading back over.

This afternoon, Will, Terra and I checked out The Tower of Terror and really loved it. Ash and Brenda were not so excited to try it and stayed in the shade to wait for us. Short lines again so we were back as a group and off to stake our claim to a choice sopt on the Parade route next. The Electrical Parade was great and then the younguns' wanted to try screamin' one more time before we retired. As they did that Brenda and I took a minute for ourselves and walked and talked a bit. We even managed to catch a bit of the fireworks from Disneyland.

Now we are beat once again and all are looking forward to climbing onto the bed to crash for the night. I say onto the bed because we may not have the strength to get under the covers. Boy are we getting old...

Tomorrow, back to Disneyland and our final day of this adventure. But for now must get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ........

Us (and the puppies too!)